Real estate market in the centre of Mallorca - Tendency first monthes of 2017

The real estate market in the centre of Mallorca is the first time slightly rising up for flats since starting the year in relation to the last 5 years. But still the prices for these are under the level of the years before starting the financial worldwide crisis. For the townhouses we notice much more demand, especially if the property has a patio o a garden. For this houses the offered prices started to rise up since december 2016 and with another push in may 2017, with more push because of more sales and less offer.
For the country houses / fincas this trend is more remarkable and if in 2016 an offer, significant under the offered price, has lead to success, now for property up to 600.000 € there is nearly no price range to discuss, because there is more demand than offer.
Country houses offered for more than 600.000 € as well have a notable ingrease of demand - especially for property offered for less than 1.000.000. The same situation is for plots, when they have yet their license to build or the license requested.
The buyers are international and as well are back on the market the spanish buyers, because the banks started to finance the property.

The law for holiday rental as well gives a opportunity to buyers of town houses and row houses, because now it is allowed and this creates an additional attractiveness. When you buy a second home, you may do in the weeks, when you not enjoy your holiday home by yourself, a holiday rental and this creates a rentability of the property.
The market situation gives still the opportunity - as well, meanwhile rising up the prices - to purchase a property for less than the costs to build, which gives the possibility, after some years of using the property, to sell it with a nice benefit.
As we see, how the market is developing since december 2016 over all kind of property, it is recomendable, if the decision to invest is yet taken, to purchase now.
So, wie der Markt sich kontinuierlich seit Dezember 2016 steigend in allen Sektoren verhält, empfiehlt sich ein zeitnaher Erwerb für denjenigen, der sich mit dem dem Gedanken trägt, in eine Immobilie zu investieren.
Im Angebotsbereich der Landhäuser / Fincas ist dieser Trend noch stärker ausgeprägt und konnte man in 2016 noch mit Kaufpreisangeboten, die deutlich unter dem Angebotspreis lagen, zum Erfolg kommen, so ist hier der Verhandlungsspielraum bei Immobilien bis 600.000 € nahezu nicht vorhanden, zumal hier die Nachfrage das Angebot bei Weitem übersteigt.

The centre of Majorca will enchant you with its picturesque landscapes and the authentic villages with their weekly markets faraway from tourism. Views to the surrounding mountains and partly to the sea make the central region attractive. The villages around Santa Maria, Santa Eugenia, Bunyola, Alaró, Consell and Binissalem, reknown for its wine-growing area, are attainable within twenty minutes of Palma. The villages oriented to the north coast such as Selva, Moscari, Sencelles, Costitx and Llubi surround the third biggest town of Majorca, Inca, well known for its leather factories. Since March 2007 Inca have a modern newly built hospital. The medieval capital Sineu and the surrounding villages Pina, Lloret, Ariany or Petra mark the geographical centre of the island.